Our Certified Energy Contractors

All Zero Energy Now contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), are National Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Partners, and members of the Building Performance Professionals Association of Vermont (BPPA-VT). They are trained to make the complete, customized analysis that will help home and business owners across Vermont make the best choices for energy improvements.

Learn more by contacting Zero Energy Now at (802) 825–9515 or email info@ZeroEnergyNowVt.com

Resources for Contractors

Contractors – please ensure your client is aware of these forms and follow up with them if they are responsible for submitting them to EFG. This includes the Savings Guarantee and Quality Guarantee, both located on the Savings page of this website.

Zero Energy Now Incentive Payment Request Form
(to be filled out and submitted by contractor, and signed by customer)

IRS W-9 Form
(to be filled out AND submitted by the customer to Energy Futures Group)

ZEN Project Tracker Report 2020
(to be filled out and submitted by contractor)

Zero Energy Now Eligibility Standards for Calendar Year 2020

Below is a recorded three hour training that contractors must review prior to participating in Zero Energy Now.

Think that you are ready to enroll a customer to reserve the Zero Energy Now incentives? Here are the steps to take:

  1. RESERVE the funds by sending an e-mail to info@ZeroEnergyNowVT.com. You will receive a confirmation e-mail back.

After this you will need to CONFIRM the funds by:

  1. Making sure that the project is eligible by using the CLEAR tool. Contact newleafdesign@gmavt.net for access to the tool, any questions you may have about the tool, and to request a review of your inputs and CLEAR tool results. You will need to create a new folder in Dropbox with the project name, and then share only with newleafdesign@gmavt.net  and gstebbins@energyfuturesgroup.com to ensure privacy.
  2. Once you have received approval that the tool has been accurately uploaded with your project information by newleafdesign@gmavt.net, then you will need to:
  3. Submit a signed contract between you and the customer, including the work scope and any subcontractor work scopes to info@ZeroEnergyNowVT.com
  4. Fill out the project tracker report and send to info@ZeroEnergyNowVT.com
  5. You will receive confirmation from info@ZeroEnergyNowVT.com once the Zero Energy Now incentives have been confirmed. Note that this reservation process is only for Zero Energy Now incentives. Other incentives through Efficiency Vermont, your local utility, or other parties, must be processed separately and according to the requirements of those other parties. Finally, we apologize for this two-step process of “RESERVE” and “CONFIRM”, but with the limited funds, this is a prudent approach.

Think that you are ready to close out the Zero Energy Now incentive project? Follow these steps:

  1. Send in the Incentive Payment Request Form, signed by both you and the customer. Please send pictures, too!
  2. Have the customer fill out the IRS W-9 form. The customer may contact info@ZeroEnergyNowVT.com to set up a secure handoff of the W-9 form.