It Pays to Save

You can move your home or business toward energy independence for less than you now pay for heat and electricity. By investing in improvements, you can add value and dramatically reduce your ongoing energy costs!

By taking advantage of special financing rates for energy upgrades, you can actually lower your monthly costs (see chart). If oil prices go higher, the savings are even greater.

Once the improvements are completed, you are free of the price volatility and environmental impact of burning fossil fuels and can enjoy the improved health and comfort of your home.

Energy Savings, Guaranteed
Zero Energy Now guarantees its energy savings estimates and its work quality. If customers use more energy during the first year than we project, we will pay the difference. If customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of the work, we’ll fix it.

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A Vermont Example

Current fuel cost = $256 (based on oil at $2/gallon)
Complete energy upgrades and solar installation = $32,400 (after incentives and tax credits)
Comprehensive improvements save 90% of your home’s current energy use (for oil, propane, electricity, and gas)
New fuel cost = $26
Financing: homeowner can take advantage of a 15 year, 2.99% annual interest Heat Saver Loan
Monthly loan payment = $224